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16th Grand Secret of Spiritual Mysteries: LIFE, Lesson 4, Pearl 78


Beloveds Ones it is with great joy that we interact with you in this manner for this which is called Lesson 4 of the 16th Grand Secret of Spiritual Mysteries, “LIFE”. There have been questions from some of you that you seek more information upon.

Regarding question about the Mandela effect:

We remind you that we have discussed you are in consciousness now, slipping or perhaps sliding as it were, but definitely shifting between dimensions. One day or one moment you may find yourself still in a 3rd dimensional format, but it may also shift to a 4th and it may also shift to a 5th. It seems too small of an explanation for your minds, but choosing a dimensional shifting can cause what your planet calls a Mandela effect, for you remember a certain truth, and you go to look up this truth, and your internet, for example, tells you a different truth:

  • A different date, or

  • A different realization in history.

We tell you that we, among others, and even yourselves, change history. We change realities.

We have spoken to those (students) who were first with us when we came onto planet Earth (in 2005) to begin this process of connecting with humanity and working with those who were caught in “loops”, as it were, what you call Ground Hogs Day, where you are living the same reality over and over again.

We, ourselves, became a group which was explained in a discussion many, as you call them “years” ago, of “how did we become this group?” and we became this group because instead of focusing upon our differences, we focused upon that which we loved about one another. When we did this, eventually this focus and this power and this love caused us to become one another.

You may read this for yourself on the “original website” (

This is just a reminder that groups come together with many differences and some similarities, but when you begin to focus upon the similarities and forget the differences, you have what it takes to become "12 with a 13". You have what it takes to become an “energetic prowess”, as it were, in your life that you currently are focused upon.

You are, of course, not only living in this life. When we speak of “life” and we speak of being “awake and consciously knowing you are aware and awake”; we speak of any level or dimension that you also exist on. It is only a fraction of yourself, one might say, that is here present in physical form, living the physical form “holodeck”, as it were; living this life and this experience.

When one is shifting, as it were, between realities, this is how the Mandela effect happens.

How can one shift realities as one changes “reality”? One changes the past. When enough people on your planet change the past, their past, the past of others, or any past that you might conceive of, your NOW changes. If you are remembering an event that occurred, or you are remembering lyrics, let us say in music, or you are remembering the ending of a movie and others have the same memory and yet you cannot document it, this is often now called your Mandela effect. This is a combination of consciousness collectively shifting itself, whether it is doing so dimensionally or whether it is doing what We, The Council of 8, have been doing, looking for loops and altering them. When you alter a loop, you will change memories.

Why does it not change your memory fully? Because you have the tape within your being of what you have lived, but it is the “outer world" you lose in your experiencing that is now shifted because of the shifting done within you, or done within powerful groups, or done because someone has altered the fabric that is the backdrop of life.

When you, Beloveds, leave physical form, you will take with you your thoughts and feelings. They will make up who you are. Thus, there are many gurus upon your planet that are attempting to teach you to hold thought forms of nothingness; to not think when you are not speaking; to not pursue the inner world. We, The Council of 8, say it is perhaps easier to understand “not being fixated upon desires that if they are not accomplished or not experienced will draw you back to this level of reality that you may experience them”.

We are not saying to have no desires. We are simply saying that you are stronger than your desires unless you are focused on that thing you are bringing about as a truth.

When consciousness slips out of the human body, if it has trained itself to explore what we might call “the vast unknown” or it has trained itself to explore consciously other “planets” or other “realities” or other star systems, as it were, or to even go “home” as it were, then you will not be experiencing the shifting in terms of, "A reality has shifted, and what do I know that is common to me? Earth is common to me. Let me get back home", and you wake up in your bed, or you wake up in your physical form.
Some of you currently are experiencing an "unknowing" when you awaken these days. You awaken, and you are curious as to where you are. You are wondering, “What reality am I in?” and it may take a while before you identify this reality in which we are conversing, what you are in this physical form that you currently own, and perhaps you fell asleep on the sofa or the chair, or you were in bed, as it were, and then you recognize that reality. You are all, Beloveds, (and we use that word purposefully) practicing knowing other realities in other dimensions and other interactions.

Sometimes you think of it as a dream. We think of it as life in another reality, life in another experience. You bring it back here when you wake up from “sleep” and you think of where you have been and what you have done. Perhaps you call it a “dream”, and you start looking at the symbolism to see how it fits your life.

This is a small example of how creation is.

You can dip into reality anywhere, and you can bring it back to physical form, and you can think upon it and you can see its value for your physical form, or you can leave it where you were. Some of you say, “I do not dream.” “I do not remember my dreams.” You have chosen to leave the reality you experience when you are out of your physical form where it is that you experienced it.

To explain the Mandela effect in any other way would be to lessen the shifting taking place on your planet.

We wish to emphasize in this moment that in January of 2018, all who ever listened to any of our conversations with the group, or who had private readings or who had New Year’s prophecies were all told, “This year would change YOU, and by this time, the end of this year, you would be noticing how different you and how different much of life is”. You are in that now. It has not completed itself yet, but you are all being able to notice shifts in your awareness. Most recently, as of our last meeting or so, you have been noticing how you have shifted how you interact in a group. This, of course, was required initiation for you to become any sort of a “power player”, as it were, in the reality of which you are living.

Regarding question about alteration of Earth patterns

Many of you are seeking to be power players in altering the Earth and its patterns, previous patterns, of extinction. In order to do that, you had to “work through” as it were, “become aware of” as it were, your personal limitations within a group or you could not come to the place where you loved one another. You could not come to the place where you could identify so deeply with those who are interacting with you in all of this or in all of what matters to you that you could become them and they could become you.

We do not say this lightly.

We do not say that you just sit down and on a Valentine level interact with those whom you have fondness for. We say that you look closely at the skills and the talents of those you interact with. It is not necessary that all become a part of a group.

For those who remember, each of you have brought with you what are called “your six”. That is terminology used by The Council of 8. Your six count as six consciousnesses that can be guided and directed by you, the consciousness in living form, for we reiterate unto your beings that unless you request, those who are not on Earth in physical form but are consciousness who are aware of you, who are aware of Earth, who wish to participate in awakening Earth or in awakening those upon Earth must be asked. They must be called upon.

There is, of course, what you all know, that law called Free Will which is on planet Earth, and we who do not have physical form on planet Earth cannot break that law, cannot interfere with a Free Will planet.

When you ask, you already have six. That makes you seven, and if you are thinking of 13, We, The Council of 8, have already “raised our hand” as it were and offered to be one. You all already have eight, as it were. By simply finding five others that you can relate to, that you can love their talents, that you can love their abilities, that you can desire to be those talents and abilities from the ones you interact with, then you have your 13.

If you have been reliving, going over, reviewing the Grand Secret 13, you will begin understanding the giving and receiving that is required in order to become this powerhouse within each of you,

  • because of your love for life

  • because of your love for yourself

  • because of your love for the planet

wishes to become in order to make a difference here in this lovely part of your universe.

Five others. Indeed. Five.

What would We, The Council of 8 do, if we were in all physical form on planet Earth, and we had found our, let us just call it “13”, yes? If we had found our 13, of which we were part, and we had our vision of what we wished to do to assist planet Earth, what would we do?

You must understand, before we reveal, you must understand this foundation that has been laid prior to our decision. The foundation that has been laid is We of the group that we are, are enamored with one another. We desire to be one another. We see what we love in one another, and focus on that one by one, and in this focusing, underneath all of it, is that we have the same desire: 

  • We love awakening consciousness

  • We love the god energy that is in all things

  • We love the intelligence of life

  • We love being of assistance

  • We love being awake and aware

  • We love freeing ourselves and anyone who wishes it, to be their ultimate true self, and remember who they are and why they are here

  • And, we love Earth and all she has given to those live upon her and live within her.

This is the foundation upon which what we will share with you is built.

Assuming we lived in your day and age, assuming that we lived in the age of technology and computers and the kind of world you have in this moment (its air, its water, its worldliness), what would we do?

The first thing we, The Council of 8, would do would be to decipher for ourselves what existed that would increase our power.

If we, The Council of 8, were there among you now, what would be the goal that we would focus upon?

Our first goal would be a symbol that we would hold as a group, and we believe you have already created that for your group. We believe your group is using, many of you, are using the idea of the Earth sequestered in a “baggie” as it were, where those who have been asleep are waking up, and as they awaken they move through a permeable one-way divider in the baggie, and they turn from their “black-and-white programming” as it were, thinking only inside the box, and they move through to awakening and remembering who they truly are, becoming the light, becoming “color” as it were, becoming prismatic, becoming what one might call White Fire. From there, they are outside the baggie. They have taken the new world into spaciousness, and they have left behind the old of limitation.

We ourselves would adopt and use this symbol that we would focus on constantly. It would live within what you might call “the back of our mind” as it were. It would be our constant reality and our constant truth: this continual awakening of humanity, this moving and awakening and remembering and becoming and leaving into newness as we are calling it, or you might call it New Earth, as you wish to call it. That would be our symbol, and then, we ourselves would gather together.

  1. If we were living on planet Earth, it is likely we would be connected in such a manner as you are now, but it does not matter if the manner is technology or what manner it is. We, The Council of 8, would connect ourselves in what you call “time”, and we would have this connection in what you might call daytime because then you would look at your clock

  2. We would carry it into the sleep world as you call it, so that before we drift away in our sleep, we would be holding our vision.

  3. We would be decreeing before we went to sleep.

  4. We would have our Trinfinity8 on

  5. All of those who work with us on other levels of existence when we gathered

  6. We would do our visualization meditation decreeing ceremony at 13:13.​

Namaste unto the heart, the mind, and the souls of your beings.

Be at peace, Beloveds.

You are in the time of majesty. 

You are in the time of THE Awakening.

You are in the time where fearlessness is your greatest Call to Arms.

So be it.

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