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Diving  for Pearls

Pearl 1:

I enlighten my thinking beyond the limitations I have accepted and thus awaken to my true self.

Pearl 2:

As I recognize "I AM living a paradigm I am co-creator" I awaken.

Pearl 3:

I become what I focus on. 

Pearl 4:

I AM the potential to be anything within my ability to Dream it into existence.

Pearl 5:

I continually recognize and set myself free from attachments that prevent my ascension.

Pearl 6:

I master my emotions and am able to enter different dimensions.

Pearl 7:

My energy and emotions, like boomerangs, return to me whatever I emanate.

Pearl 8:

Owning Unlimited Truths grants me personal freedom.

Pearl 9:

My Intention + My Emotion = Manifestation.

Pearl 11:

I AM a Vibration Machine.  My feelings are contagious.

Pearl 10:

As I believe the goal I AM focused upon, I AM triumphant success.

Pearl 12:

My energy field, my Song of Self, attracts to me those of like mind and is the key that opens other dimensions.

Pearl 13:

To unlock the dimensions I truly wish to experience, I must vibrate in harmony with the universal God Song.

Pearl 14:

My only challenge is with myself: to rise to my personal heights of achievement; to manifest my own unassailable truth.

Pearl 15:

The universe supplies all I require, so I allow myself to attract what I request.

Pearl 16:

My perception of a thing that determines my experience of it.

Pearl 17:

My relationship with food is a relationship with the material. I love Nature for producing what I eat. 

Pearl 18:

I AM alert, awake and aware, in love with God consciousness. the Earth illusion game is my playground. 

Pearl 19:

My energized desire creates a mold and attracts universal substance which fills the form, creating manifestation.

Pearl 20:

What can I love about today? How about everything?

Pearl 21:

I love and savor my experience of being Spirit in human form.

Pearl 22:

Yesterday limits me only if I choose for it to.

Pearl 23:

I AM the flow of Soul remembrance, enlightening my perceptions of life.

Pearl 24:

My life mirrors the cause and effects I have lived in the continuum of my existence.

Pearl 25:

I create within myself the harmonics that allow me entrance into higher vibrational realms of existence.

Pearl 26:

If outer world resists what my inner world seeks to create, I compromise.

Pearl 27:

Without a body form, I AM a song and a melody, harmonious or not. I AM my same knowing, feeling, goals, habits and memories as when I had a body form.

Pearl 28:

The point of awakening, Zero Point, is the experience of neither Heaven nor Hell.

Pearl 29:

I attract what helps me awaken, and I know the timing has always been my choice.