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Pearl 31

To have no emotional reaction to something as being either Heaven or Hell is to find the central place of peace within.

The recording for this lesson did not work. Here are notes that were taken.

When you begin the first session of the Grand Secret of Heaven and Hell, you have a firm idea of what each represents to you; you can define them both very clearly. However, as you progress through the sessions, you begin to finally realize that Heaven and Hell are both states of emotional experience which differ according to what you value.

  • Heaven and Hell are both a conscious choice you make. For some, silence would be Heaven, whereas for others it is torture.

  • In each moment of your NOW, you choose whether to experience Heaven or Hell.

When you shift a paradigm you are living in, your concept of Heaven or Hell changes.

  • For example: deciding where to live could be experienced as Heaven or Hell. If it is a difficult experience, and you repeatedly cannot decide, perhaps even over the period of a few years, your indecision is demonstrating to you the paradigm you are living in: choosing places to live is confusing and hard, or perhaps even impossible.

  • In order to have a different emotional experience, you must let go of that paradigm. (The next course, Paradigm Shifting, expresses how to do this.)

To have no emotional reaction to something as being either Heaven or Hell is to find the central place of peace within the
Self where an experience can be witnessed from a place of tranquility without getting emotionally involved in it.

  • The next level up from living in a paradigm is to live in Tranquility, which IS true joy. Be in neither Heaven nor Hell. Simply witness the experiences, but do not be in them. This way, the Zero Point or “Centeredness” allows pleasure and awareness.

  • Will was not designed to direct emotions, although the masculine gender can often do this. (There are 7+ genders on Earth.)

  • To tell someone to use their will to “find that place of peace within” is MIND-DIRECTED advice that does not take into account the emotions that might be causing the disturbing ripple within personal peace.

  • The inner place of peace might be temporarily unreachable due to a hidden belief.

  • The inner place of peace might also be temporarily unreachable if the emotional body is filled up with negative emotions.

  • The emotional body needs bathing just like the physical body does.

  • The vibrational body is how the emotional body gets cleansed.

  • Vibrational ways to bathe the emotional body include:​

    • Looking at or imagining being filled with specific colors (white, red, pink, orange, gold, spring green, sky blue, violet, indigo, silver), one after the other, until all emotions stored on the emotional body have been ‘neutralized’

    • Listening to gongs or chimes

    • Chanting the OHM sound

    • Chanting decrees or mantras

    • Looking at a rainbow

A rainbow is not the promise of a God in the sky that He will not send another flood to wipe out the people on planet Earth. The rainbow has all the colors needed to cleanse the emotional body. That is why people get excited when they see one. It is why people stare at a rainbow. Have you ever seen anyone frown while looking at, or immediately after looking at a rainbow? It bathes the emotional body because of its prismatic color frequencies.

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